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A.I Engine Creates Lucrative, Passive eCom Cash Machines From One Voice Command  That Make Us $569.75 Every Day 

No Tech Or Experience Needed | No Writing Needed

July 4 th , 2023

Tuesday, @11 AM EST

Launch End:

July 9 th , 2023

Sunday, @23:59 PM EST



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What Is Pro eCom?

Our *Voice Activated* multitenancy-based Amazon e-commerce store builder revolutionizes the way business owners establish their online presence. Within just five minutes, users can create a stunning e-commerce storefront, complete with customizable themes and support for both physical and digital products. With the seamless integration of multiple secure payment gateways, customers can confidently make purchases, while our intuitive interface ensures a hassle-free experience for users of all technical backgrounds. Whether you're a small startup or a well-established enterprise, our platform empowers you to effortlessly build and manage a thriving e-commerce business, rivaling the giants of the industry.

Pro eCom powered by GPT-4 & DALL·E 2, takes your online business to new heights. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, our platform enables you to generate compelling product descriptions, captivating content, and even realistic product images.


Main Features

  • GPT-4 & DALL·E 2 powered captivating content.
  • *Voice Activated* inbuild
  • Domain Management
  • Multiple payment getaways 
  • Seller can sell physical and digital products.
  • Seller can create express checkout URL
  • Facebook pixel support
  • Google tag manager
  • Google Analytics page view
  • Stock management
  • WhatsApp API
  • WhatsApp Order Notification
  • Email Order Notification

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50% Commissions - $445 Per Visitor

NO TEAM ALLOWED - Important: For Main Contest, you need to make equal to or more than the prize amount in commissions earned in order to qualify for the full prize amount. If you don’t, then you’ll be paid out the amount you’ve made in commissions depending on your prize.


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Start - July 7 th - 12:00 am EST

Ends - July 9 th - 11:59 pm EST


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Every Effort Has Been Made To Accurately Represent Our Product And Its Potential. Any Claims Made Of Actual Earnings Or Examples Of Actual Results Can Be Verified Upon Request. The Testimonials And Examples Used Are Exceptional Results, And Don't Apply To The Average Purchaser And Are Not Intended To Represent Or Guarantee That Anyone Will Achieve The Same Or Similar Results. Each Individuals Success Depends On His Or Her Background, Dedication, Desire And Motivation. As With Any Business Endeavour, There Is An Inherent Risk Of Loss Of Capital And There Is No Guarantee That You Will Earn Any Money.

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Start - July 4 th @ 11 am EST

Ends - July 9 th @ 11:59 pm EST

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